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Why patients benefit from using MindQuire

MindQuire exercises can improve your mental health

  • MindQuire helps you practice exercises that have proven to be helpful with problems related to negative emotions, including depression, anxiety, panic, guilt and anger.
  • MindQuire exercises help you better deal with problems at work, at home and relationships in general.
  • MindQuire helps you understand your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving so that you improve your confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness.
  • Exercising your rational mind is crucial in maintaining sobriety. MindQuire tools help you in living a life free of drugs and alcohol.

MindQuire tools and exercises are based in the cognitive-behavioral model

  • CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is a widely used, effective and evidence based form of psychotherapy, proven to help with multiple symptoms and disorders.
  • Practicing the skills learnt in CBT is crucial to success. MindQuire offers an interactive design of exercises that are a fundamental aspect of cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Cognitive means perceiving, thinking and understanding. How we perceive situations and what they mean about us affects our emotions deeply. For example, while reading this you may be thinking "I'll do this. It know I can and it'll help me feel better" - then you are probably feeling hopeful. If you start thinking "I won't be able to do these exercises right. I fail at whatever I do" - then you will probably feel depressed.
  • MindQuire tools help you identify negative emotions and the thoughts and beliefs that explain why you feel the way you feel.
  • The behavioral part of CBT focuses on how your actions and experiences can transform the way you think of yourself and the world and how you feel. For example, sitting by yourself without talking to anybody at a party may prompt you to think you are not liked and feel depressed. Mastering a new skill or cleaning the whole house can make you think of yourself as capable and feel proud.
  • MindQuire will help you track activities and monitor how they affect you.

MindQuire allows patients to track and chart their progress

MindQuire offers Blue Scale, for reporting depressive symptoms and Anxiety Scale, for reporting anxiety symptoms. In each of these activities, users can very easily report how they are doing, identifying with a simple click (or by dragging a slider) to what extent each symptom impairs them. MindQuire reports make it easy for patients and their therapists to see progress in symptoms with the help of charts and tables.

MindQuire lets patients easily share their work with their therapist

Doing psychotherapy homework in a secure web-based application allows patients to share all the content of their homework with their therapists, without having to worry about keeping or bringing printed worksheets to the sessions. If your therapist is not registered with MindQuire, you can still easily print reports of your work and bring them to your sessions. Better still: invite your therapist to register. MindQuire organizes patients' homework so that therapists can easily and thoroughly review the work their patients have done in between sessions.

MindQuire provides high levels of privacy

MindQuire subjects all the information entered by users to the highest standards of internet security. Given that the information entered is of a very personal nature, MindQuire provides multiple levels of security and complies with HIPAA and the HITECH act.

For more information please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

MindQuire saves all users' entries for future reference

Patients no longer have to worry about misplacing their homework. All information entered by patients is saved and backed up daily. Patients can always review their work and symptoms' history with their current therapist or even retrospectively with a therapist they see years from now.